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The Westward Season 5 - Lucifer donghua

The Westward Season 5

? episodes · TV Ongoing The Westward Season 5 , 西行纪 第五季 , Xi Xing Ji: Nian Bo Ju Ji

The Westward Season 5

The three revived, and Monkey King helped the gods through the crisis. After the westbound team broke up, Sha Wujing went to the underworld to save his master; Bajie killed someone by mistake in Heishui Town; Bailang Xiaoyu subdued a tiger in the horror forest, and was besieged by stone soldiers in the ancient city. Sanzang and others came back to rescue them. But he met the Shadow King again, and Wukong returned to the team to help. Sanzang resolves the resentment of the souls of the dead, and the West team also bids farewell to the old man and continues on the road.